Keeping your teeth clean is a vital part of dental health. The Mission Hills Smiles Dental team offers professional dental cleaning by our registered dental hygienists to keep your smile sparkling.

Dental cleaning should be a regular part of your hygiene regimen. Why are cleanings so important? They’re designed to remove the hardened plaque or calculus that attached to the surface of the tooth.

While regular brushing assists in cleaning teeth above the gum line, calculus forms below the gum line, too. And why is removing the plaque itself so important? It contains bacteria that can inflame the gums and lead to periodontal disease.

It’s far better to keep your teeth healthy and clean with regular, preventative cleanings, than to deal with the outcome of tooth disease due to poor care.

Besides, everyone wants shiny clean teeth! And along with the cleaning itself, we polish your teeth, too. Good dental care means good and healthy teeth, and it all starts with a simple, thorough cleaning from our skilled staff.

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