At Mission Hills Dental, we’re well skilled in root canal therapy, a process necessary when the nerve of a tooth is injured due to infection or decay.

To save the tooth, a root canal is employed to remove the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and decay inside the tooth, and this matter is replaced by medically enhanced dental materials.

Our dental team knows that having a root canal is the best choice to save a tooth that would otherwise require removal. Extracting a tooth is a more invasive and expensive procedure than a root canal, and root canal treatment usually will last a life time.

You may need root canal therapy when you are experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold, an abscess on your gums, severe tooth pain, swelling or tenderness around a tooth – but sometimes no symptoms at all will be present.

Root canal therapy is necessary when decay reaches the tissue inside the tooth, infections or abscesses have developed, or there is injury to the tooth. Our experienced dental team will clean out the decayed or injured area of the tooth thoroughly, and fill and seal the tooth’s inside cavity.

A filling will top the tooth opening, and a crown placed over the tooth to protect it from breakage.

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