Along with preserving and treating your smile, our dental team is also well skilled in tooth restoration.

What is restoration? It means the capability to return your teeth to normal appearance and functionality, when a tooth has been damaged due to decay, infection, or breakage.

Our staff offers the most up to date restorative options, and we can help you choose the restoration technique that is best for you. So get prepared to smile – we can help.

The restoration process can be used to improve bite, prevent tooth loss, repair damaged teeth, and replace missing ones. We also offer restorative services to replace old and unattractive dental treatments, and simply fill in unattractive tooth space.

What types of restoration do we offer? An inlay restoration is used to repair defective fillings or teeth damaged by decay or trauma.

Less invasive than a crown, they’re durable and long lasting. An onlay restoration is a custom made filling which may also be called a partial crown.

Permanently cemented onto your tooth, an onlay can repair defective fillings, and damaged teeth as an alternative to crowns. Like inlays, they’re durable and last a long time.

Another restoration is a composite filling, a process used to repair a tooth affected by decay, cracks, or fractures. The damaged part of a tooth is removed and filled with the composite.

Tooth colored, this type of filling can be closely matched to existing tooth color, and is well suited for use in visible teeth areas.

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