Our top priority is fixated on helping you receive the care you need at the most desirable comfort level.  Financial concerns do not have to prevent you from enjoying world class dental experiences.  We accept cash payments, personal checks, money orders, and all of the major credit cards.  These include MasterCard, American Express, VISA, and Discover.

If you are receiving an extensive treatment, we will allow you to cover your fees over time.  We offer a number of options for this process, including CareCredit.

We accept various insurances, including managed care and PPO ones.  PPO plans include:

  • Cigna
  • Healthink
  • Devon Health
  • Anthem
  • Signature
  • Prime Health Services
  • PacificCare

Our CareCredit special financing plan helps patients cover dental service costs through low monthly payments.  This is your credit card for healthcare services.  There are no annual fees to be able to work with CareCredit and no pre-payment penalties are incurred.

You can enjoy no-interest financing if your fees have been paid within twelve months of the treatment.  We are available to provide additional information about the CareCredit financing plan.  Please call us today to discuss your financial and payment options further.

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