Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth placed surgically into the jaw. They’re an excellent way to replace missing or damaged teeth, as well as serving as support for dental appliances.

Dental implants require a number of steps, including initial X-rays and impressions taken of the jaw and teeth. This determines a patient’s bone, gum tissue, and implant spacing.Usually constructed of titanium, dental implants are durably strong, stable, and long lasting.

They can be used optimally to replace missing teeth, and restore damaged or broken teeth.  They can also be well utilized to resolve joint pain or bite problems, and support bridges or dentures.

Next, the implant will be placed surgically placed into the bone. For up to six months, the implant integrates itself onto the bone.

After this time, if necessary, there is a final placement of a post to hold an artificial tooth in place. With many implants the post and anchor are placed initially along with the implant itself.

Finally, the artificial teeth themselves are made and fitted. When both the tooth and root are damaged, a one-piece implant is used, creating an immediate single tooth replacement.

Regardless of the type of implant, the result is an esthetically pleasing and permanent solution, that preserves the jaw bone and overall dental health. From a full jaw to an individual tooth, dental implants are a complete dental solution to tooth loss.

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