What is periodontic treatment? The dental specialty that allows the treatment of periodontal disease. This disease affects the gums and jawbone, and usually begins with gingivitis, a bacterial infection of gum tissue.

At Mission Hills Dental, we adhere to the belief that regular dental hygiene can prevent this condition. However, should it occur, we are skilled in treating this progressive disease that can, untreated, lead to gum and jawbone destruction, shifting or loose teeth, and teeth loss.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss today.  There may be few or no symptoms with this disease, even as it causes the teeth to separate from infected gum areas.

However, our skilled staff can recognize the types of this disease and help you eliminate it, whether the periodontic condition is chronic, aggressive, necrotizing, or systemic.

The treatments we offer to deal with periodontal disease include such procedures as scaling and root planing, which cleans gum pockets and treats them with antibiotics.

Tissue regeneration is another treatment option, through grafting of tissues. Pocket elimination surgery is also used to treat periodontal disease. And should the disease cause tooth loss, the use of dental implants is employed by our skilled team.

Signs that periodontal treatment may be necessary include bleeding, swollen, or red gums, localized gum recession, and exposed tooth roots.

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