Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental treatment offered with skill and care at Mission Hills Dental. Simply put, whitening is a technique to change and enhance the color of tooth enamel.

White teeth are popular and aesthetically pleasing, and when our patients ask for a whitening procedure, we have several ways to assist them.

It’s important to evaluate replacement of older fillings and crowns however, as whitening works only on natural tooth enamel, and restorations may need to be replaced after the whitening process is complete so that all teeth will match in color.

Whitening isn’t permanent, a touch up may be needed every few years, or more often for patients who drink coffee, wine, or smoke. Along with simple cosmetic preference, whitening may be employed for patients who have experienced fluorosis, or an excessive use of fluoridation during tooth development.

It is also useful due to teeth staining from medications, or to alleviate normal wear of the outer tooth layers. To use the at-home whitening treatment, we’ll first form teeth impressions to create custom, clear plastic trays for your teeth.

Once fitted for the trays, they are worn with whitening solution twice a day for thirty minutes, or possibly overnight for several weeks. With proper care, whitening is a long lasting and non-invasive process that will help you beautify your smile.

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