Dental implants are the efficient solution to managing missing or damaged teeth. They are lab-designed tooth roots that are inserted onto the jaw bone with surgical methods.  Dental implants provide an additional option for securing restorations such as dental bridges or dentures.

To estimate a precise estimate for the shape and positioning of the dental implants, an impression of your teeth will be taken.  Following the impressions, implant screws are fabricated out of ceramic or titanium material.  After these screws have been surgically integrated onto your jaw, six months will be required in order for them to be fully established.

The final restoration will involve the design of an artificial tooth that is uniquely matched to the natural appearance of your teeth.  They are known as crowns and can be durable for a number of years.

After the dental implant has been fully established, the crown is bonded onto the surface of the implants.  Following a successful treatment, the dental implant completely restores the function and visual quality of your smile.

At Mission Hills Smiles, we are accomplished providers of dental implant treatments in the Porter Ranch, Van Nuys, Mission Hills, and San Fernando Valley areas.  We look forward to providing you with the premier solution in restoring smiles.

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