My Metal Inserts Have Fallen Out. Can I Use Denture Fixer in the Holes?

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Dentures can work in a variety of ways. You may have full dentures that replace your entire set of missing teeth, or partial dentures that you wear around your remaining teeth. Some types of dentures snap on to dental implants placed in the gums.

If a metal piece on either your denture or dental implants has fallen off, we highly recommend coming to the office to get it fixed. Using denture fixer is a stopgap solution at best, and could even be harmful.

Repairs for Dental Implants and Dentures

If a dental implant falls out, this is a serious problem that should be dealt with right away. The only way an implant could fall out is if it failed to fuse to the jawbone. To reattach it, you may need a bone graft to shore up thin sections of bone and provide enough structure for the implant to fuse to.

Definitely do not put denture fixer in the hole left by a missing dental implant. This may make reattaching the implant more difficult, irritate the gums, and increase the risk of infection. Your implants should stay where they are without the need for denture fixer, and if they are becoming loose or falling out, see a dental implant specialist immediately.

Similarly, if a metal piece on your dentures has broken off, the best option is to see your dentist so your dentures can be repaired or a new set can be manufactured. Using denture fixer to make the fit more comfortable may work temporarily, but the long-term solution is fixing the dentures.

Contact Mission Hills Dental  if you need any assistance or repairs with your dentures or dental implants.

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