Dental implants provide an effective and efficient method to correcting missing or damaged teeth.  They consist of lab-designed tooth roots and teeth that are surgically inserted onto the jaw.  This treatment can also be performed to support other dental appliances such as bridges or dentures.

An impression of your teeth is designed to determine the correct spacing for the dental implants.    The implant screws are then fabricated out of titanium or other metal material.  The screws require up to six months to be fully integrated onto the jawbone.  They provide a strong and durable structure for the dental restoration to be placed on.

The restoration consists of an artificial tooth that is designed and personalized to match your natural teeth.  They are also known as crowns and can be used to resolve a number of problems.  These include bite problems, pain, and fracture.

Once the dental implant is integrated, the artificial tooth is then placed onto the surface.   If the treatment is effective and thorough, the dental implant provides a complete restoration of your teeth in terms of function and aesthetics.

Our experienced dental team are among the most renowned experts in dental implant procedures.  Thanks to our durable and strong dental implants, we can deliver a comprehensive solution to missing teeth.

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