This patient lost their entire front tooth and it was replaced with a durable dental implant and capped with a porcelain crown. After the procedure the result is a beautiful, natural looking replacement tooth.


The patients dental bridge pictured above was severely damaged and replaced with a porcelain bridge that matches their other teeth.


This patient required a new dental bridge and other restorative dental care to replace their missing bridge.


When the patient entered our office she was self-conscious of her smile. Through restorative dental care such as dental implants, crowns we were able to restore her smile.


This patient required upper arch rehabilitation due to the stained, worn and chipped teeth. With gum line restoration and teeth whitening we were able to restore his smile.


This patient required upper arch rehabilitation including dentures. The upper denture was supported with implants and crowns.


The patient’s front tooth did not look natural due to contouring of both the gum and tooth. The crown was replaced with a porcelain crown that matches both the shape and color of the patient’s other teeth.

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