If a missing or extracted tooth occurs, dental implants can provide a permanent and cosmetic restoration.  They are an upgrade over other treatments such as bridges because they do not require the alteration of other teeth.

Dental implant treatments are performed over the course of a few months.  Among the first procedures includes the installation of the implant screw.  An incision is performed on the gum using the safest and most comfortable procedures, anesthetics are available during this process.  The screw is then placed onto the jaw bone and the gums are sutured following the procedure.

The implant requires multiple months for it to heal.  Osseointegration may occur during this process, in which the jaw bone will grow around the implant screw.  Temporary crowns, which are aesthetic restorations of your teeth, will be created to allow you to perform your normal oral functions.

Once the implant screws have been fully established, an abutment can be designed and placed onto the surface of the implants. The final crowns are then ready to be applied.  During the final visit, the permanent crowns are designed and placed onto the abutments.  This completes the treatment and restores the aesthetic and functional qualities of your smile.

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