Dental implants are the right solution for treating missing or damaged teeth.  This is a versatile treatment that delivers a complete restoration for the beauty and health of your smile.

This procedure requires a minimal amount of surgical actions, it can be performed with sleeping gas or local anesthesia.

In a dental implant procedure, a titanium screw is designed and surgically placed onto your jawbone.  This protects the tissue around the area from dissipating and damaging your jaw.  An artificial tooth, known as a crown, is then fabricated and placed onto the dental implant.  This completes a fundamental and aesthetic recovery of your teeth.

The metal screws are secured through abutments, which are also used to hold the artificial tooth in place.  In addition, only one screw is required to secure the artificial tooth.  This is helpful for single tooth restorations and can save treatment time.

At Mission Hills Dental, we possess comprehensive experience in providing effective and high quality dental implants.  Our skills in dental implant procedures can ensure you can completely restore your smile’s beauty and structure!

Please schedule a complimentary consultation today to enjoy the benefits of our dental implant treatments.   Our office is built to serve communities around the North Hollywood, Mission Hills, and San Fernando areas.

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