If a missing tooth presents a problem for your smile, dental implants can provide a cosmetic and functional solution.  A dentist with over a decade of experience, Dr. Razi provides successful and efficient dental implant restorations in the Granada Hills area.  He works with patients to develop unique treatment plans that prioritize comfort and results.

Dental implant screws are produced from porcelain or titanium material.  These screws are surgically inserted into your jawbone and provide a base for the final restoration.  The incision will be performed using the safest techniques, in addition, anesthetics are available for patients.   After the process, the gums will be repaired with sutures.

As the implant screws integrate with your bone, temporary crowns will be created for you to use.  These temporary restorations will provide a cosmetic restoration of your smile and allow you to perform your regular oral activities.

After the screws have been successfully integrated, an abutment is placed onto the surface of the implants.  This provides the platform for the final crowns to be placed on. The permanent crowns are carefully placed onto the abutments, providing the complete restoration of your smile.  After the procedure, you can enjoy a full and healthy set of teeth again.

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