Can Invisalign Aligners be Damaged?

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Over 14 million people have successfully worn Invisalign orthodontic aligners or oral trays to straighten their crooked bites in 6-18 months, compared with enduring metal braces for 2-3 years.

Traditional braces can be very uncomfortable and there are dietary restrictions and difficulties in cleaning teeth while wearing them. Because Invisalign aligners are removed before eating, there are no restrictions and cleaning is no problem.

But unlike braces, these oral trays can be damaged, so you want to be careful in how you handle them.

Invisalign Aligners are Custom

First, remember that they are custom-made of malleable plastic, so hot drinks could damage them. The only beverage you should have while wearing them is water.

Second, the other way drinks can affect aligners is that they can become discolored by anything other than water, including colored sodas and cold coffee. This would result in these trays not only becoming less invisible to others, but would transfer the stain to your teeth.

Mind the Foot You Eat While Wearing Aligners

Third, never think a snack is ok while wearing the aligners, since food particles can be trapped between these trays and teeth, ultimately causing tooth decay or gum infection. Each time you eat after you have taken them out, you should clean the trays with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste before putting them back in. If that is not possible, wash your mouth with water as thoroughly as you can.

Fourth, whenever the aligners are out of your mouth, put them in their case, since bacteria in the air can adhere to them.

Fifth, soak the aligners at night for 15 minutes in an Invisalign cleaning solution or one for dentures. Never use bleach, which is harsh and will damage the trays.

One way to avoid bending them out of shape is to remove them in different ways each time, such as from the back and then the front. Too much of taking them out the same way could cause a distortion.

Your Options if You Notice Damage

But what if you notice a crack in one of the trays? Call Dr. Razi at Mission Hills Dental to describe the damage and email a photo. If the crack is small, you will probably be told to just ignore it, since these are only worn for a couple of weeks.

If the damage is more significant and you are early in wearing the current ones, you might be advised to go back to your prior set, if they still fit comfortably, while we order a new one, which could take a couple of weeks. Or if you are in the last phase, you could move to the next one, if it fits well enough. Whatever the status, do not try to repair Invisalign aligners yourself because this could involve toxic materials. 

Problems with Invisalign are rare as long as you follow the rules and take proper care of the aligners. If you have other questions about your experience, give our Granada Hills office a call to clarify what you should be doing.

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